Below is a list of all final PAID entrants. The list is completely updated as of 6PM August 29th. If your name is not listed below, you are not registered for the event. If you registered and paid and are not listed below email Cliff Fretwell immediately.

hudson waldrop AL 9th Grade 106 warrior wrestling club
Sam Sutton AL 9th Grade 106 Ironclad
Peter Henderson AL 11th Grade 106 Warrior Wrestling Club 
Noah Smith AL 8th Grade 106 Wetumpka/River Rats 
Xander McWilliams AL 11th Grade 106 River Rats 
Cage McIsaac AL 8th Grade 106 Ironclad Wrestling 
Thomas Giere AL 9th Grade 106 Warrior Wrestling Club
Brodie  Christmas  AL 8th Grade 106 Ironclad wrestling 
Melton Powe AL 10th Grade 106 Vicious Wrestling Academy
John Pitsinger AL 11th Grade 106 Grissom High School
Kameron Palmer AL 8th Grade 106 Foley
Joseph Soto AL 8th Grade 106 Smiths station 
Preston  Jones AL 8th Grade 106 Ironclad
Tyler Washburn  FL 9th Grade 106 Bear wrestling 
Garrett Marschka FL 9th Grade 106 Chiles High School
Logan Paradice GA 8th Grade 106 The Storm Wrestling Center
Chaz McDonald GA 9th Grade 106 Roundtree Wrestling Academy
Christopher Fincher GA 11th Grade 106 RWA
Tyson Upchurch GA 11th Grade 106 Forsyth Central / Morris Fitness
DJ Little GA 10th Grade 106 West Forsyth High School
Adam  Roberson  GA 9th Grade 106 Darlington 
Jordan  Butler GA 8th Grade 106 The Wrestling Center 
karter nolan GA 7th Grade 106 compound
Thomas Termini GA 10th Grade 106 Marist
Javin Bennett  GA 11th Grade 106 Clarke central high school 
Robert Austin Westbrook GA 10th Grade 106 Level Up Wrestling Center
William Chambers  GA 9th Grade 106 CMP Wrestling 
Gavin Pope GA 8th Grade 106 Roundtree Wrestling Academy
jacob silka GA 10th Grade 106 liberty wrestling
Landon  Martin GA 7th Grade 106 North Hall 
Kenly Eavenson GA 9th Grade 106 Franklin County High
Montgomery Tompkins GA 9th Grade 106 Cass High School
Braden Sauls GA 10th Grade 106 Complex
Michael Gryder GA 9th Grade 106 North Forsyth HS
Joshua Sanders GA 9th Grade 106 Level Up
Lawson Stewart GA 11th Grade 106 Ola
Nate Lowe GA 7th Grade 106 Columbia County Mat Club
Jake Crapps GA 8th Grade 106 Liberty Wrestling Club
Amantee Mills GA 9th Grade 106 Unattached
Mathew Vargas GA 11th Grade 106 Compound
Elijah Mullins GA 8th Grade 106 Banks County Middle School
Andon Hawkins GA 10th Grade 106 Locust grove wildcats
Darrell Rochester GA 10th Grade 106 Valdosta High School
Josh Noble GA 11th Grade 106 Compound
Reese Jones GA 10th Grade 106 Compound 
Jorden Schlossman NC 11th Grade 106 Dark Horse Wrestling
Dustin Cook NC 12th Grade 106 Ragsdale High School
William Gibson NC 9th Grade 106 Combat Athletics
Matthew  Karagias NC 9th Grade 106 Dark Horse
Landon Bean NC 11th Grade 106 Darkhorse Wrestling
Tyler  Smith NC 9th Grade 106 Ragsdale High School
Blake Palmer TN  10th Grade 106 Beech
Connor  Warnock TN  9th Grade 106 Wilson Central High
Zachary Crosthwait AL 7th Grade 113 River Rats
Oliver Howard AL 9th Grade 113 Tennessee Valley Wrestling Authority
Dylan Melendez AL 11th Grade 113 Calhoun County Wrestling
Cory Land AL 10th Grade 113 Ironclad Wrestling
Graham Miner AL 10th Grade 113 Ironclad Wrestling
Nati Bullard AL 11th Grade 113 Champion Wrestling
Mason Dickey AL 9th Grade 113 River Rats Wrestling Club
Hunter Brown FL 10th Grade 113 Chiles 
Ethan Jackson FL 7th Grade 113 Tallahassee Battle Wrestling Club
Troy  Laplaca GA 12th Grade 113 Locust Grove
Antonio DelVecchio GA 10th Grade 113 Titletown Wrestling Academy/Valwood
Noah Amick GA 10th Grade 113 West High School
Chase Murray GA 11th Grade 113 West Forsyth High School
Grant  Turner  GA 10th Grade 113 Mill Creek High School 
Carson Bailey GA 10th Grade 113 Woodland 
Elijah  Doolittle GA 9th Grade 113 Liberty Wrestling Club
Josh Denson GA 9th Grade 113 East Paulding High School
Mason McClung GA 10th Grade 113 Lambert High Scholl
Christopher Mance GA 7th Grade 113 Lovett / The Wrestling Center
Kristopher Wilson GA 12th Grade 113 CMPW
Oran Decker GA 10th Grade 113 Icon
kaleb davis GA 10th Grade 113 Valdosta High School
Brandon Olsen GA 9th Grade 113 McDonough High/Compound
Brian Papcun GA 7th Grade 113 Compound Wrestling 
Davin Lundquist GA 9th Grade 113 Icon Wrestling / Harris County HS
Latrell  Schafer  GA 8th Grade 113 Westfield/The Storm Wrestling Center
angel banda GA 12th Grade 113 adairsville
Malik Hardy GA 11th Grade 113 Icon
Art Martinez GA 10th Grade 113 Holy Innocents 
Blake Brooks GA 11th Grade 113 Evans high knights 
Joseph Sci GA 12th Grade 113 Level Up
David Pinkston GA 10th Grade 113 Compound
Jacob Cox NC 9th Grade 113 Darkhorse Wrestling
Koby Rikard NC 12th Grade 113 DarkHorse Wrestling 
Caleb Holcombe SC 12th Grade 113 Easley High
Jojo Morris SC 8th Grade 113 Roundtree Wrestling Academy 
blake wise SC 10th Grade 113 Gilbert HS
Logan Heckert TN  9th Grade 113 Sycamore High School
Aubrey Thompson SCRATCH TN  9th Grade 113 Tennessee Wrestling Academy
Hunter Bankes TN  10th Grade 113 HCWC
Riley Lippincott TN  11th Grade 113 Nolensvillle High
Tyler Barb GA 10th Grade 120 The Storm Wrestling Center
Michael Moran AL 12th Grade 120 Warrior Wrestling Club
kaleb  shelton AL 10th Grade 120 Ironclad
Andrew Bryant AL 9th Grade 120 Icon Wrestling Club
Kash Hornsby AL 9th Grade 120 Oxford high school
Bobby Charsha AL 12th Grade 120 River rats
Chase Jenkins AL 9th Grade 120 Calhoun County Wrestling
Bo Dothard AL 12th Grade 120 ATA
Nicholas Smith AL 10th Grade 120 ATA
Ryan Summerlin AL 10th Grade 120 Ironclad
Griffin Knapp SCRATCH GA 9th Grade 120 West Forsyth HS
Conner Kimbrough GA 9th Grade 120 Compound
Cason Dempsey GA 10th Grade 120 Locust Grove High School
Wes  Conley GA 12th Grade 120 Chattooga High School
Tyson Thurmond GA 11th Grade 120 Jefferson High School
Ethan Sellers GA 10th Grade 120 Storm Wrestling 
Connor Powell GA 10th Grade 120 CMP Wrestling
Elias Domingo GA 11th Grade 120 Unattached 
Jackson Crawford GA 10th Grade 120 Richmond Hill High School
Kaleb Anderson GA 12th Grade 120 Richmond Hill
mark metz GA 11th Grade 120 compound
murat aliyev GA 12th Grade 120 forsyth central high school
Alex Irwin GA 12th Grade 120 Cherokee Highschool
 Nick Cambria SCRATCH GA 11th Grade 120 Buford HS
Coleton Thompson  GA 11th Grade 120 Paulding county high school 
Trent Abernathy GA 11th Grade 120 Woodland High School
Zach Recker GA 10th Grade 120 Denmark HS
Marley Washington GA 8th Grade 120 Mt. Pisgah/Morris Fitness
Eric Fuqua GA 11th Grade 120 Compound 
Sawyer Strack GA 10th Grade 120 Level Up
Ananth Manibushan GA 10th Grade 120 Level Up Wrestling
Joey Felix GA 12th Grade 120 Roundtree wrestling acadey
James O'Neal GA 10th Grade 120 Evans Highschool
Tyler Nelson GA 9th Grade 120 Mt. Pisgah 
Kevin Martin GA 12th Grade 120 Fitzgerald Wrestling Club
Giles Turner GA 10th Grade 120 Level Up
Hayden Stepp GA 11th Grade 120 Woodland High
Logan Fite NC 9th Grade 120 Darkhorse
Hunter Lassiter NC 12th Grade 120 WNC Elite Wrestling 
Kaiden Fisher NC 12th Grade 120 Lake Norman 
Zack Karagias NC 10th Grade 120 Dark Horse
Nate Burrage NC 12th Grade 120 Trojan Trained 
Brodie Gadeberg NC 12th Grade 120 Lake Norman High
Lucas Cotto Jr  NC 10th Grade 120 Topsail Wrestling
Luke Rumfelt SC 11th Grade 120 Darkhorse Wrestling
Brennen Crout SC 12th Grade 120 Gilbert
Gavin Brown SC 10th Grade 120 Byrnes
Yannis charles SC 9th Grade 120 Dark Horsr
Evan Rominger TN  10th Grade 120 Chattanooga Christian School
James Vaughan TN  9th Grade 120 Sycamore high school 
Trey Bates TN  11th Grade 120 Beech High School
Brennan Watkins TN  11th Grade 120 Dobyns Bennett High School
Cordell Griggs TN  10th Grade 120 Beech High School
Jager Eisch WI 11th Grade 120 Askren Wrestling Academy
Max Morrow AL 10th Grade 126 ATA
Bryce Wanagat AL 10th Grade 126 Warrior Wrestling Club
Dawson Tadlock AL 11th Grade 126 River Rats
Tyros Patton AL 10th Grade 126 ATA
Tanner McCord AL 11th Grade 126 River Rats
Logan HARTSON AL 8th Grade 126 River Rats Wrestling
Payton Roberts AL 9th Grade 126 NAWC
James Latona AL 10th Grade 126 Warrior Wrestling Club
Kyler Adams AL 11th Grade 126 River Rats 
Zander Fields AL 11th Grade 126 ATA
Nolan Zirgibel FL 10th Grade 126 Tallahassee Battle/Chiles
William Ashby FL 12th Grade 126 Riptide 
Christian  Walker GA 10th Grade 126 West Forsyth/Morris Fitness 
Joshua Kincaid GA 11th Grade 126 Madison County
Zander Mcbeth GA 9th Grade 126 North Forsyth
Seth Larson  GA 8th Grade 126 Compound 
Garrett Wood GA 10th Grade 126 ICON
David Miles GA 10th Grade 126 Locust Grove High School
Brandon  Peoples GA 9th Grade 126 North Forsyth High School
Dominic Bambinelli GA 8th Grade 126 Mill Creek
Kade  Johnson GA 11th Grade 126 Cherokee High School
Cage Leddon GA 11th Grade 126 Locust Grove
Bryce Kresho GA 10th Grade 126 Liberty wrestling club
Dan Dozier GA 12th Grade 126 East Laurens/ Storm Center
Zane  Simmons GA 12th Grade 126 The Complex
Andrew Cory GA 10th Grade 126 Creekview
Jarrett Young GA 11th Grade 126 Fitzgerald Wrestling Club
peyton goehring GA 12th Grade 126 CMP
Trevor Borom GA 12th Grade 126 Strong Rock Christian School 
D'Angelo Pruitt GA 10th Grade 126 Chestatee High School
Cameron Bradley GA 10th Grade 126 Valdosta High School
Easton bishop GA 11th Grade 126 Woodland
Joshua Bledsoe GA 10th Grade 126 Creekview/Level Up
Gavin  Bates GA 10th Grade 126 Social Circle
Tyquavius Wymbs GA 11th Grade 126 Clarke central hd
Grayson Maness GA 9th Grade 126 Rockdale County High School
Ahmad Smith NC 12th Grade 126 Ragsdale
Caden Hagler NC 11th Grade 126 Providence Day School
Riley Edwards NC 11th Grade 126 Combat
Ian Murdock NC 10th Grade 126 Combat Athletics
Sammy Kincaid NC 9th Grade 126 South Rowan HS
William Cline NC 11th Grade 126 Darkhorse
James Joplin NC 11th Grade 126 Combat Wrestling
Kody Beal OH 11th Grade 126 New Lexington High 
david hunsberger SC 10th Grade 126 Byrnes
AJ Dickerson SC 10th Grade 126 West—Oak High School
Cole  Thompson TN  11th Grade 126 White House High School 
Bronson Clark TN  10th Grade 126 Siegel High
Christian  Small GA 12th Grade 132 Level Up Wrestling Club
Chase Hicks AL 11th Grade 132 EAWC
Christian  Preston  AL 8th Grade 132 Wetumpka River Rats 
Trent Gilham AL 10th Grade 132 Ironclad Wrestling Club
Emmanuel Oliver AL 12th Grade 132 Warrior Wrestling Club
Jacoby Gilchrist AL 12th Grade 132 ATA
CALAN STAUB AL 10th Grade 132 Warrior Wrestling Club
Kaleb Robinson AL 8th Grade 132 River Rats Wrestling Club
Wilson Kennedy AL 11th Grade 132 Warrior
Jacob Dease AL 11th Grade 132 Warrior Wrestling Club
Yahia Gadalla AL 11th Grade 132 Bob jones highschool
Josh Massa AL 10th Grade 132 ATA
Nick Hejke FL 10th Grade 132 Mosley 
Jack Whitmire  GA 11th Grade 132 North Hall High school 
Damion Hart GA 12th Grade 132 Locust Grove High School
George Honiotes GA 11th Grade 132 Hart County High School 
David Panone GA 10th Grade 132 Lassiter/Level Up Wrestling
Drew Eller GA 12th Grade 132 Evans High School
Emil Necula GA 8th Grade 132 Level Up Wrestling Center
Charlie Throne GA 10th Grade 132 Level Up
Avant Stepherson GA 10th Grade 132 Kennesaw Mountain 
Brian Kratt GA 12th Grade 132 Level Up
Pierce Simmons GA 12th Grade 132 The Complex
Vinnie Montgomery GA 11th Grade 132 Cherokee High School
Will Hughes GA 12th Grade 132 Woodland High School (Cartersville)
Alex Brewton GA 11th Grade 132 Fitzgerald Wrestling Club
Rowan  Smith GA 12th Grade 132 Madison County Wrestling
Christopher Davis GA 11th Grade 132 Level Up Wrestling
Hoke Poe GA 8th Grade 132 Roundtree Wrestling
Derrick Harris GA 10th Grade 132 Rockdale County High School
Jackson Martin  GA 9th Grade 132 North Hall High School
Tyler-Xavier McKnight GA 9th Grade 132 Liberty Wrestling Club
Christopher Ponce GA 11th Grade 132 Rockdale
Julian Farber GA 12th Grade 132 Storm Wrestling Center
Caleb Jones GA 12th Grade 132 Woodland 
Michael  Bledsoe  GA 9th Grade 132 Colquitt 
Patrick Schellpfeffer NC 12th Grade 132 Darkhorse
Gabe  Kincaid NC 9th Grade 132 South Rowan HS
Richie Rizzuto NC 12th Grade 132 Crew
Jaxon Maroney NC 12th Grade 132 The CREW 
Wyatt Abele OH 10th Grade 132 Unattached
CJ Heiselman SC 10th Grade 132 Byrnes
Barrett Crout SC 12th Grade 132 Gilbert
Will Vaporis SC 11th Grade 132 River Bluff High School
Riley Fort TN  9th Grade 132 Wilson Central High School
Tell  Magness TN  9th Grade 132 Harpeth High School 
Rolando  Lucio TN  12th Grade 132 Harpeth High School 
Dalen Kimble TN  10th Grade 132 Sycamore HS 
Sean Pitts TN  10th Grade 132 Nashville Catholic Wrestling
Derrick  Davis AL 9th Grade 138 Ironclad 
Gray Ortis AL 10th Grade 138 Iron Clad Wrestling
Connor  Russo AL 9th Grade 138 River Rats Wrestling Club
Tyler Tanaka AL 12th Grade 138 Auburn High School
Conner Cole AL 11th Grade 138 ATA
Will Garrett AL 10th Grade 138 WWC
Ezekiel  Smotherman AL 12th Grade 138 ATA
Harris  Mitchell AL 9th Grade 138 Birmingham Wrestling Club
Clay Johnston AL 9th Grade 138 Birmingham Wrestling Complex
Tyler Anthony AL 12th Grade 138 River Rats
Brody Knapp GA 11th Grade 138 West Forsyth HS
Jeremy Paradice GA 10th Grade 138 The Storm Wrestling Center
Kason Sellers GA 12th Grade 138 Storm Wrestling Center
Ethan Culbreth GA 11th Grade 138 Denmark High School
Phin Johnson GA 12th Grade 138 Storm Wrestling
Alexander  Hearn GA 11th Grade 138 Level Up
Mason Sterner GA 12th Grade 138 Guerrilla Wrestling Academy
Joey Bertrand  GA 9th Grade 138 The Wrestling Center 
Thomas Zenga GA 12th Grade 138 Pepperell/GWA
Joshua Cargile GA 12th Grade 138 Hillgrove High School
Rick Shores GA 12th Grade 138 Richmond Hill High School
Nathan McArter GA 12th Grade 138 Jackson County Comprehensive High School
Ashton Brooks GA 12th Grade 138 EAst Paulding High School
Gunner Scheeler GA 12th Grade 138 Coahula Creek High School
Mikel Stowers GA 11th Grade 138 Forsyth Central Wrestling 
John Gaines GA 12th Grade 138 Gilmer High School
Jarrod Pominville GA 11th Grade 138 Level Up
Ethan Bennett GA 11th Grade 138 Patriot Wrestling Club
adrian gutierrez GA 12th Grade 138 South Forsyth High School
Talen Thompson GA 10th Grade 138 Buford High School
Allen Stone GA 12th Grade 138 Sonoraville 
Tanner Chambers GA 11th Grade 138 Level up 
Antonio  Lucero GA 12th Grade 138 Rockdale County High School
Grant Kahlenberg NC 11th Grade 138 Cuthbertson
Will Berkowitz  NC 12th Grade 138 C2X
Logan  Lambert NC 12th Grade 138 South Rowan HS
Toby Foster SC 12th Grade 138 Travelers Rest High School 
Matthew  Williams SC 12th Grade 138 JET
Jeffrey Smith AL 10th Grade 145 Rocket City Wrestling Club
Will Miller AL 11th Grade 145 Warrior Wrestling 
Trenton Blankenship AL 12th Grade 145 Wetumpka/River Rats Wrestling Club
Dominick Ciccolella AL 11th Grade 145 ATA
Dalton Wood AL 9th Grade 145 ATA
Evan Vieira AL 12th Grade 145 Alabama Takedown Academy
Landon Taylor FL 9th Grade 145 Palmetto Ridge High School
Logan  Gall FL 12th Grade 145 Mosley 
Kaydon Lester FL 11th Grade 145 Mosley 
Logan  Gall FL 12th Grade 145 Mosley 
Alexander  Clark GA 12th Grade 145 Lanier HS
Joseph Derringer GA 12th Grade 145 Columbia County Mat Club
Matthew Cha GA 12th Grade 145 Level Up
Jake  Piccirilli GA 11th Grade 145 level  up
francis morrissey GA 12th Grade 145 The Storm Wrestling Center
Gunner Filipowicz GA 10th Grade 145 Level Up
Corey Morelock  GA 12th Grade 145 Compound
Anthony  Allen GA 11th Grade 145 RHHS
Anthony Taylor II GA 11th Grade 145 Richmond Hill High School 
Jarad Faulkner GA 10th Grade 145 Athens Academy
McCoy Pace GA 12th Grade 145 Woodward Academy
DJ Hood GA 11th Grade 145 Level up
Kelvin Reyed GA 9th Grade 145 Level Up
Branson Bennett GA 12th Grade 145 Patriot Wrestling Club
Devyn Hasbrouck GA 12th Grade 145 The Storm
Landon Chambers GA 12th Grade 145 Level up 
Sam Harris GA 10th Grade 145 Ola
Ya’Donnis Hardaway GA 11th Grade 145 Rockdale County Highschool 
Tomus Satterfield GA 11th Grade 145 Sequoyah 
Adam Thebeau IL 11th Grade 145 Henson-Bull Trained
Johnny Guardian SC 11th Grade 145 Conway
Ty Martin TN  12th Grade 145 Nolensville High School
Cole Fort TN  11th Grade 145 Wilson Central High School
Alex Dees TN  11th Grade 145 Bradley Central High School
Jonathan  Griffin  GA 12th Grade 152 Mosley
Chase Allison  AL 11th Grade 152 Rocket City Wrestling Club
Joseph  Mason AL 9th Grade 152 River Rats Wrestling Club 
chris congress AL 12th Grade 152 north alabama wrestling
Keenan Wyatt AL 10th Grade 152 Vicious Wrestling Academy
JT Massanelli AL 11th Grade 152 ATA
Acorious  Pruitt AL 11th Grade 152 ATA
Aiden Knight AL 8th Grade 152 Warrior Wrestling
Daniel Bolio AL 10th Grade 152 NAWC
Nick Kendrick FL 11th Grade 152 Riptide 
Ethan Rickert GA 11th Grade 152 West Forsyth 
Dawson Lee GA 11th Grade 152 Compound 
Jackson Eller GA 11th Grade 152 Evans High School
Aiden Joyce GA 11th Grade 152 North Cobb High School
Devin  Fairley GA 10th Grade 152 UGHS / Compound
Cooper  Allen GA 10th Grade 152 Clarke Central High School
Joseph Termini GA 12th Grade 152 Marist
Micah Osterink GA 12th Grade 152 Level Up
Tate Bissell GA 12th Grade 152 North forsyth
Cale Bissell GA 10th Grade 152 North forsyth
Robert Weston GA 11th Grade 152 Lassiter/Levelup
joseph metz GA 12th Grade 152 compound
jason andrews GA 12th Grade 152 north Atlanta high school
Evan  Robinson GA 12th Grade 152 Level Up 
Dylan Tucker GA 11th Grade 152 Richmond Hill High School
Cody Skinner GA 9th Grade 152 North Forsyth High School
Charlie Henkel GA 11th Grade 152 Franklin County High School
Brannen Moss GA 11th Grade 152 Perry
Dominic Myers GA 11th Grade 152 Evans Highschool
Zachary-Daniel McKnight GA 9th Grade 152 Liberty Wrestling Club
Cody Scroggins GA 9th Grade 152 North Forsyth
Andrew London GA 12th Grade 152 Kennesaw Mountain
Kyle Romano GA 11th Grade 152 Cambridge
Trey Langston GA 12th Grade 152 Woodland high school 
Zach  Alonzo  GA 9th Grade 152 Rockdale county high school 
Florin Myndresku  GA 10th Grade 152 Archer high school 
Dominic Thebeau IL 9th Grade 152 Henson-Bull Trained
Austin Lynn TN  11th Grade 152 Bradley Central High School
Carson Kim AL 11th Grade 160 Vicious Wrestling Academy
Tristen  Latham AL 11th Grade 160 Ironclad
Carson Ray (SCRATCH) AL 11th Grade 160 Warrior Wrestling Club
Francisco Soto AL 11th Grade 160 Smiths station 
Micah Perdue FL 11th Grade 160 Tallahassee War Noles
Ethan Shelden GA 11th Grade 160 Clarke Central HD
Aaron Sheffield GA 10th Grade 160 CPX Wrestling 
Mark Huffman GA 11th Grade 160 Marietta high school 
Samuel Schmitt GA 11th Grade 160 Wesleyan
Nicholas Lusignolo GA 12th Grade 160 Osborne
Joseph Bambinelli GA 10th Grade 160 Mill Creek HS
Kamdyn Munro GA 11th Grade 160 Richmond Hill Wreslting Club
Christian Dittlau GA 12th Grade 160 Level Up
Jack Dyess GA 11th Grade 160 Level Up
Alex Fulford GA 10th Grade 160 Tift County High school
Ricky Roberto GA 12th Grade 160 Hillgrove
Derek Price GA 12th Grade 160 Stone Mountain High School 
Lucas DeSilva GA 12th Grade 160 Collins Hill/Compound
Trenton Miller GA 12th Grade 160 Northwest Whitfield 
Cole LeRoy GA 9th Grade 160 North Forsyth High School
chandler Mullis GA 12th Grade 160 Brookwood High School
Tayon Wimberly GA 12th Grade 160 Coffee High School 
Eason  Rivas GA 12th Grade 160 Brookwood High School 
Oren Bost  NC 11th Grade 160 Darkhorse 
Andrew Meyer NC 12th Grade 160 Wakefield high school 
Kyler Pickard NC 10th Grade 160 Trojan Trained
Joshua CizMadia SC 12th Grade 160 Darkhorse
Kenneth Phillips TN  12th Grade 160 Siegel High
Tre Morrisette TN  11th Grade 160 Dobyns Bennett High School
Kyle Combs NC 10th Grade 170 Lake Norman High School
Warren Hoyt AL 11th Grade 170 Alabama Takedown Academy
Tyler MCDONALD AL 12th Grade 170 Vicious Wrestling
Kendrick Young AL 11th Grade 170 Xtendo
John Maddox FL 12th Grade 170 Marianna SWAT
Robert McGill  FL 11th Grade 170 Tallahassee Battle Wrestling Club 
William  Carmichael  FL 12th Grade 170 Mosley
James Hall FL 11th Grade 170 Mosley
Cole  Williams GA 9th Grade 170 South Forsyth HD
Hunter Adams GA 10th Grade 170 North Hall High School
David Bertrand GA 11th Grade 170 The Wrestling Center 
Levi Seabolt GA 12th Grade 170 Lumpkin County 
David  Hornsby GA 12th Grade 170 Brookwood 
Jovanni Butler GA 12th Grade 170 Rockdale
Timothy  Kittle GA 12th Grade 170 Northwest Whitfield
Jabril  Williams GA 12th Grade 170 Cartersville High School
Tate Evans GA 11th Grade 170 Richmond Hill High School
Brayden Phillips GA 9th Grade 170 Morris Fitness
Tyrek Johnson GA 12th Grade 170 Stone Mountain high school
Torrence Dumas GA 12th Grade 170 Union Grove High School
Waylon Miller  GA 9th Grade 170 The Factory Wrestling Club 
Andrew  Sexton GA 12th Grade 170 North Forsyth high 
Nima Rezaei GA 12th Grade 170 Compound
Lenn Washington GA 9th Grade 170 Columbus High School / Icon Wrestling
Ja'Mar Jackson GA 12th Grade 170 Hurricane Wrestling 
Carson Floyd NC 10th Grade 170 Lake Norman High School
Noah Rupp NC 11th Grade 170 Darkhorse
Jacob Polansky NC 12th Grade 170 Crew Wrestling Club
Isaac Schmidt NJ 10th Grade 170 Princeton Wrestling Club
Devon Bell NC 10th Grade 170 Topsail High School
Clint Morrisette TN  11th Grade 170 Dobyns Bennett High School Kingsport
Donavon Rich TN  11th Grade 170 Beech High School
Nathan Fishman VA 10th Grade 170 Wrestling Prep
mason blackwell AL 11th Grade 182 river rats
michael jackson AL 12th Grade 182 Warrior Wrestling Club
Devin Palmer AL 11th Grade 182 River Rats
Brandon Fortenberry AL 11th Grade 182 Warrior Wrestling Club
Evan Pippin AL 10th Grade 182 North Alabama Wrestling Club
Sam Wade- SCRATCH CA 12th Grade 182 Guardian Knights
Jaxson Hoetzel GA 12th Grade 182 Madison County High School
Austin  Suess GA 12th Grade 182 Veterans High School 
Hunter Noblett GA 10th Grade 182 SOCIAL CIRCLE
Will Parker  GA 11th Grade 182 Heritage 
Landen Moss GA 9th Grade 182 Brookwood
Wylde Wilkerson GA 12th Grade 182 Veterans High Scool
Brandon Tang NC 11th Grade 182 Darkhorse
Kaleb Horn SC 12th Grade 182 Blue Ridge 
Eyan McKnight SC 11th Grade 182 Hillcrest High School
Walker Stephenson SC 12th Grade 182 Hillcrest
Benjamin Scalera TN  12th Grade 182 Beech wrestling
Tyrone McDonald  TN  12th Grade 182 Bradley central 
Nathan Waters AL 11th Grade 195 River Rats Wrestling 
Thomas Riley AL 11th Grade 195 NWC
Nicholas  Brashear  AL 12th Grade 195 Vicious 
Dylan Galloway GA 10th Grade 195 Gilmer High School
Zeke Taylor GA 12th Grade 195 Perry High School/Storm Center
Aiden Giroux GA 12th Grade 195 Roundtree wrestling 
Danny Lopez GA 12th Grade 195 Marietta High School
Rowen Vandergriff GA 10th Grade 195 Social Circle Takedown
Bryce  Fowler GA 12th Grade 195 Compound Wrestling 
Connor McHugh GA 11th Grade 195 Morris Fitness
Zeke Taylor GA 12th Grade 195 Perry High School/Storm Center
Brice Noggle GA 12th Grade 195 Elbert County
Nicholas Ramsayer GA 12th Grade 195 South Forsyth HS
Holden Cypher NC 11th Grade 195 Millbrook High School
Connor Milhorn SCRATCH TN  10th Grade 195 Siegel High
McKinley Wagner TN  12th Grade 195 Nolensville High School
Willie Cox III AL 8th Grade 220 River Rats Wrestling Club
Hamilton  Cooper GA 12th Grade 220 Madison County High School
karson nolan GA 12th Grade 220 Compound
Davide Alvarez GA 10th Grade 220 Evans High School
Thomas Crawford GA 10th Grade 220 Richmond Hill High School
Mike Owens GA 12th Grade 220 Gilmer High School
omar luis GA 11th Grade 220 rockdale county high school
Chase Horne GA 10th Grade 220 West Laurens/storm center 
Kaleb Walley GA 11th Grade 220 Rockdale County High  School 
Nyjel  Goss NC 12th Grade 220 Lake Norman
Noah Todd TN  9th Grade 220 Siegel high
Kaden White TN  11th Grade 220 Beech high school 
Drew Lawson AL 11th Grade 285 NAWC
Abraham  Preston  AL 11th Grade 285 Wetumpka River Rats 
Kobe Shumaker AL 11th Grade 285 Oxford high School
Robert Joseph jr GA 11th Grade 285 Woodward academy
Darius Green GA 12th Grade 285 Forsyth central high school
Alex Hecht GA 12th Grade 285 Ola
LB Neloms GA 11th Grade 285 Valdosta
Terungwa Unongo GA 12th Grade 285 Mundy s Mill High School
Jesus  Riano  GA 11th Grade 285 Coffee High School 

In order to provide more convienience there are 2 weigh-in sites Friday August 31st 6PM – 8PM

  • Compound Wrestling North
    4851 Bryant Rd,
    Buford GA 30518
  • TBD

If you miss Friday night weigh-ins and haven’t verified Saturday morning weigh ins you will be removed from the tournament. NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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